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Flexible Social Workflows: Collaborations as Human Architecture

Dorn C., Taylor R.N., Dustdar S. (2012). Flexible Social Workflows: Collaborations as Human Architecture. IEEE Internet Computing, vol.16 no.2, pp.72-77, IEEE Computer Society,,

Abstract: Human process involvement has gained momentum in recent years, but the proposed mechanisms can’t efficiently adapt Web-scale collaborative workflows. Here, the authors describe collaborative problem solving and its integration with process-support systems as an architecture comprising human components and connectors. This modeling of coordination and execution roles enables reasoning on workflow flexibility and appropriate adaptation actions.



Analyzing Runtime Adaptability of Collaboration Patterns

Dorn C., Taylor R. N., (2012) Analyzing Runtime Adaptability of Collaboration Patterns, In Proceedings of the International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS), May, 2012, Denver, CO, US.

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