This page contains Supporting Online Material for following accepted ICSOC’2014 submission:

“Architecture-centric Design of Complex Message-based Service Systems” by Christoph Dorn, Philipp Waibel, Schahram Dustdar


Complex service systems discourage central execution control, require extremely loose coupling, have to cope with unpredictable availability of individual (composite) service instances, and may experience a dynamically changing number of service instances. At the topmost level, the architecture of such a complex service system often best follows a publish-subscribe style. A major problem during the design of these systems is achieving an overall consistent configuration. While orchestration or choreography-based approaches support the design of individual composite services along a workflow-centric paradigm, they are an awkward fit for specifying a publish/subscribe-centric architecture.  In this paper, we present an architecture-centric approach to designing and configuring complex service systems. Specifically we propose to model the system’s high-level architecture with an architecture description language (ADL). The ADL captures the publish/subscribe-centric configuration which subsequently allows for consistency checking. A model-to-configuration transformation ensures that the individual deployed services follow the architecture without having to rely on a central coordinator at runtime. Utilizing our provided tool support, we demonstrate the successful application of our methodology on a real world complex service system.

xADL schema extensions (as XSDs)

Evaluation Scenario Files

The complete, updated tool can be downloaded from:



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