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Master’s Thesis / Bachelor’s Thesis / Praktikum

Please note! I’m currently on parental leave until August 2016 and will then continue my work as a post doc at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. I, therefore, no longer offer MA or BA thesis topics at TU Wien.

Have a look at my colleagues’ work and topics  at the Distributed Systems Group (see this linked page, bottom)


Current Master Students

  • Numann Said
  • Xiaolin Zhang
  • Xiashuo Lin

Recent Master and Bachelor Students

  • Christoph Laaber: A Domain-Specific Language for Coordinating Collaboration
  • Bernd Rathmanner: Decentralized Runtime Architecture Tracking
  • Lukas Wolfsberger: Towards Achieving Team-Awareness through indirect document relation tracking (BA)
  • Romana Jakob: Towards Integrating Task Control and Shared Artifacts with Google Apps Scripts (BA)
  • Simon Krejci: Shared Artefact Pattern – An analysis of three JAVA implementations (BA)
  • Stefan Edenhofer: Design and Implementation of a Domain-specific Language for specifying Collaboration-intensive Processes (BA)
  • Paul Angerer: Monitoring in verteilten Systemen (BA)
  • David Peherstorfer: Extracting and Managing Structured Data in Google Apps (BA)
  • Michael Vodep: Ansatz zur Analyse der Auswirkung von kollaborativem Nutzerverhalten mittels Simulation von Softwarearchitekturen am Beispiel von Disponenten in einem Einsatzleitsystem
  • Filip Rydzi: Model based testing of cloud based social networks (BA, co-advised with Alessio Gambi)
  • Stefan Gschiel: Towards Establishing and Controlling Video-Conferences via Collaboration Models (BA)
  • Alexander Prennsberger: Architecture-driven Control of the Shared Artifact Collaboration Pattern in Google Drive (BA)
  • Philipp Waibel: Architecture-driven Design and Configuration of Messaging Systems (nominated for EPILOG 2015)
  • Florian Kimmel: Design and Implementation of an Interaction-centric Context Store
  • Ursula Fida: Context-based Multimodal Interaction for Mobile Collaboration Systems
  • Andreas Kar: Integrated Communication and Coordination Management for Mobile Environments
  • Florian Schöllhammer: A Context Sensor Development Framework for SOA-based Collaborative Working Environments
  • Michael Katai: Design and Implementation of a Context Aware, Rules Driven and Distributed Publish/Subscribe Collaboration System
  • Ignazio Dadduzio: Ranking Strategies for Activities in Service-oriented Collaboration

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