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Master’s Thesis / Bachelor’s Thesis / Praktikum

I’m offering MA and BA topics related to my FWF research project C4S: Coordination-centric Change and Consistency Support.

Currently the following two topics are available each at 20h/week pay for 6 months at FWF salary rate (but feel free to propose your own topic if you are interesting in a related aspect):

  • Observing Developer Interactions during Development Coordination:
    • Task: collect and process changes in the Phabricator tool via API and browser instrumentation
  • Supporting Change Impact Notification across Teams
    • Task: extract change impact assessment details from a task management tools (e.g., Phabricator, Jira, …) via API, implement customizable notification rules (e.g., with Drools rule engine), and track notifications (e.g., with Camunda CMMN Case Management Model and Notation engine)

Also have a look at my colleagues’ topics at the Institute for Software Systems Engineering.


Current Master Students

  • Johann Tuder (JKU)
  • Xiashuo Lin (TU Wien)

Recent Master and Bachelor Students (TU Wien)

  • Xiaolin Zhang: A Human Architecture Implementation Framework
  • Christoph Laaber: A Domain-Specific Language for Coordinating Collaboration
  • Bernd Rathmanner: Decentralized Runtime Architecture Tracking
  • Lukas Wolfsberger: Towards Achieving Team-Awareness through indirect document relation tracking (BA)
  • Romana Jakob: Towards Integrating Task Control and Shared Artifacts with Google Apps Scripts (BA)
  • Simon Krejci: Shared Artefact Pattern – An analysis of three JAVA implementations (BA)
  • Stefan Edenhofer: Design and Implementation of a Domain-specific Language for specifying Collaboration-intensive Processes (BA)
  • Paul Angerer: Monitoring in verteilten Systemen (BA)
  • David Peherstorfer: Extracting and Managing Structured Data in Google Apps (BA)
  • Michael Vodep: Ansatz zur Analyse der Auswirkung von kollaborativem Nutzerverhalten mittels Simulation von Softwarearchitekturen am Beispiel von Disponenten in einem Einsatzleitsystem
  • Filip Rydzi: Model based testing of cloud based social networks (BA, co-advised with Alessio Gambi)
  • Stefan Gschiel: Towards Establishing and Controlling Video-Conferences via Collaboration Models (BA)
  • Alexander Prennsberger: Architecture-driven Control of the Shared Artifact Collaboration Pattern in Google Drive (BA)
  • Philipp Waibel: Architecture-driven Design and Configuration of Messaging Systems (nominated for EPILOG 2015)
  • Florian Kimmel: Design and Implementation of an Interaction-centric Context Store
  • Ursula Fida: Context-based Multimodal Interaction for Mobile Collaboration Systems
  • Andreas Kar: Integrated Communication and Coordination Management for Mobile Environments
  • Florian Schöllhammer: A Context Sensor Development Framework for SOA-based Collaborative Working Environments
  • Michael Katai: Design and Implementation of a Context Aware, Rules Driven and Distributed Publish/Subscribe Collaboration System
  • Ignazio Dadduzio: Ranking Strategies for Activities in Service-oriented Collaboration

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