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Dagstuhl Seminar on Normative Multi Agent Systems (NorMAS 2015)

End of March I had the pleasure to attend my first Dagstuhl seminar. I quite enjoyed the week of inspiring discussions and talks. Many ideas to follow-up in the next weeks and months to come. My connection and approach to NorMAS is outlined in the following position paper:

Position Paper and Talk Title: Collaboration Pattern Modeling in Support of Norm Specification, Monitoring, and Preservation

Abstract: Collaboration-intensive environments call for technical systems that permit flexible user interactions. Rigid workflows are no suitable collaboration paradigm. As users apply various patterns such as shared artifact, social networks, client/principal, or publish/subscribe for interaction, their cooperative behavior becomes largely determined by norms. In this paper, we make the case for explicit modeling of collaboration patterns as the substrate for specifying, monitoring, and preserving norms. Describing collaboration patterns in the form of human-centric component and connector architecture views provides a means for reasoning on collaboration control, flexibility, and ultimately adaptability. We report on recent work targeting executable collaboration patterns and outline resulting synergies with norms.


Analyzing runtime adaptability of collaboration patterns (extended journal version)

A significantly extended version of my ISR Technical Report 12-05 and CTS 2012 conference paper [blog] on “Analyzing runtime adaptability of collaboration patterns” has been accepted as a journal article:

Dorn C, Taylor R. N. (2014), Analyzing runtime adaptability of collaboration patterns (preprint), Concurrency Computat.: Pract. Exper., doi: 10.1002/cpe.3438 (early online access)

Architecture-Driven Modeling of Adaptive Collaboration Structures in Large-Scale Social Web Applications

My second technical report about my current research here at UC Irvine/ISR is available online: http://www.isr.uci.edu/tech_reports/UCI-ISR-12-5.pdf

Dorn, C., Taylor R. N., (2012) Architecture-Driven Modeling of Adaptive Collaboration Structures in Large-Scale Social Web Applications , Technical Report UCI-ISR-12-5, University of California, Irvine.

Now published as a full paper at WISE2012 [blog].